Struggling to manifest specific conditions in your life?
Taking action, applying spiritual teachings, but still not getting the results in your life you want/deserve? Frustrated and ready for Your Best Life? Do you have a desire to be masterful at Co-Creating and Manifesting your best life on purpose and want to know how?

Welcome, I'm Author, Consciousness Coach, Energy Practitioner and Speaker. My life’s work and passion are to help others know they are Divine Beings…literal expressions of God as Consciousness and learn how to use this deliberately to Manifest their Best Life on purpose!

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I want to invite you to decide that you can have what you want in life. Regardless of the area of your life you want improved, you can manifest Your Best Life. Go right ahead and imagine how good it will feel to finally have it! Imagine the feeling of relief, of joy, of gratitude and of appreciation.


Maybe you are like me and you understand that action is required, but you also want to leverage your Spiritual Nature, Divine Consciousness, or what I call in my book our Inherent God Nature (which includes Law of Attraction and the Quantum Field) to Manifest Your Best Life.

“Manifest a Better Life with God,” is like Neal Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”) meets Ernest Holmes (“Science of Mind.”) The author has a wonderful way of simplifying what is needed to attract goodness into our lives. For those of us on the path of serious spiritual exploration, this book is like a breath of fresh air. It provides excellent information, advice, and guidance. It cuts through the facades erected by formalized religions and gets right down to the common sense basics. It’s the kind of book you’ll read several times, and take a new lesson from it each time. Brilliant work!  —Theresa Hummel.

You absolutely can and I can show you how! My Consciousness Coaching, teachings in my book, workshops and on line courses are to help you learn how to Embody New and Improved 'States of Consciousness' needed to Manifest Your Best Life!

“Michael is amazing… He helps hold my vision with me, even after our sessions! He helps me discover where I have missed the mark and helps me find the missing pieces.  He has a gift and an ability to help me refocus on what I know to be true and to remember that truth. He has helped me grow my business by 30% in a very short period of time.” 

Lynne T

I know first hand that if we want a conditon in our life to improve then it is our very own Consciousness (your focus, thinking, beliefs and emotions) that must shift. Embody the improved ‘State of Consciousness’ which includes you with your desire fulfilled and the conditon must shift.  It’s law.  

My work is to help you through Centering, Energy Work and Consciousness Coaching clear energetic blocks and learn how to embody the new and improved ‘State of Consciousness’ needed to Manifest the improvement.  Your outer world no longer needs to determine how you think, feel and believe.

Your very own Divine Consciousness is the key!

You can manifest Your Best!



I am also co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller ‘The Abundance Factor’ with Joe Vitale. I’ve been featured on ‘The Gratitude Café radio show with Sue Lundquist, on ‘Law of Attraction’ Radio with Constance Arnold and interviewed by Jewels Johnson (Editor-in-Chief) of  ‘Law of Attraction Magazine.’

Interview with
Law of Attraction Magazine Editor

As an Author, Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Speaker, I help people connect with and use their Spiritual Nature (which includes The Quantum Field and Law of Attraction), balance their energy centers, shift their Consciousness to embody beliefs that align with the version of ‘you and your desire fulfilled’ to Manifest Better Lives on Purpose.

“Busy week last week! Close to a record day on Friday.”
…Client improving his business only 2 weeks after we started.

“What you do and how you do it works! I just wanted you to know…” …Client improving her life.

“Everyone tells me this house won’t sell.” Two weeks later the house sold.…Client improving sales.

“My partner has children and he and his ex-wife have been in a very nasty custody battle for the past 4 years and I want to help it get resolved. Two weeks later she is feeling more peaceful about all of it and now the custody battle has ended.”

“I knew you were the right coach for me when I met you. I feel safe and that I’m in trustworthy hands for this journey.”


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