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Stuck in a Negative Rut?

“Love instead…want good things for those you struggle with.”

Ever get in a rut with having negative thoughts and feelings about a situation or about someone?

You don’t plan on it, but the next thing you notice is that for the past few minutes (or hours!) you were arguing about something or with someone in your head. And now, you’ve got yourself a bit worked up emotionally. The intensity of this can definitely vary.

I had a fantastic boss once that got let go due to ‘downsizing.’  My new boss was a ‘hot head’ and other descriptive words I won’t use here.  I began to constantly find myself arguing in my head with him.  I was constantly angry and feeling hatred soon followed.  I went from loving my job to hating it.  As time went on the situation got worse and I could feel my anger and hate was ‘toxic’…to me not him!  I needed to shift things…meaning me.

Every time I would catch myself arguing and feeling hate I would stop myself.  I would begin saying ‘love instead’ and I would imagine myself ‘blessing him and wanting good for him.’ At first it sucked, but I kept at it. I had to do this multiple times a day!  Often I had to journal and write to help me focus because my negative thoughts were intense and hard to shift at first.

Eventually it got easier to shift my thinking about him from negative to positive. My hate lessened and I found myself genuinely wanting good things for him. The best part is within two weeks I ended up getting new boss. My outer conditions began to shift as my inner world shifted.

When you consistently shift your thinking, you shift your emotions. When you consistently shift your thinking and emotions you shift your beliefs and your ‘vibration and energy.’  When you shift your beliefs and ‘vibration and energy’ the law of attraction responds to this new internal state instead of responding to the chronic negative state. Its about shifting your consciousness (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) first then conditions can shift.

Consistently shifting thoughts and feelings is key.

Even today, whenever I catch myself starting to argue in my head about something or someone, I will do my best to stop that line of thinking and say to myself “love instead.”  I will literally make myself think, say, or write “love instead.”  As I mentioned, if my feelings are intense then I find writing helps me focus.  I will do this until the negative thoughts calm down and mostly I do it until I notice my emotions shift.  My goal is to consistently feel differently because that’s when things can really change.

Peace to you, Michael

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