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Dang it! I yell at my garden hose.

I have a kink in the hose and now have this ‘trickle’ of water instead of a nice steady flow. “Yelling at me won’t help,” my hose says to me. I bought one of those fancy ones recently. 

“There is a constant Divine Flow of good, abundance, well-being and love always flowing to you,” It continues.  “There is a Source, Intelligence, God, a God Consciousness always present, alive, interactive and flowing to you, through you and expressing itself as you,” It says.   

“But when you are complaining, angry, worrying, or cursing life, others, or yourself, you cause a ‘kink’ and disrupt this natural, Divine Flow of life.  The Divine Flow hasn’t gone away…it is still flowing to you, but you have limited your ability to receive it, experience it and allow it in your life and world.   Even if you feel justified in being negative, you are still the one limiting the good that can flow to you and through you,” It tells me. 

I’m starting to miss my old hose. 

I look at the kink.  The water is still flowing to the kinked area, but it can’t get through even though it wants to.  I stop struggling with the hose, loosen the kink and the natural flow continues. 

“At those ‘kinked’ moments in your life, make yourself focus and think differently in order to deliberately shift how you feel.  Focus on aspects of life, others or yourself that you love and appreciate until you begin to feel better instead of continuing to think the same way and stay negative,” My fancy hose tells me. 

“The very act of refocusing, begins to open the ‘kink’ and allows this love, abundance, and well-being to flow into your world again,” It says. 

I start watering again.  “Remember the Divine flow is never gone…but you can disrupt its flow.” And then my hose goes silent.

Peace, Michael

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