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Did you hear the great and fantastic news about you?

Your procedure went great!  Your recovery time was amazing!  Your arm is 100% and all is well!”  I felt inspired to send those thoughts to my niece as she was on her way to have a procedure done.

Those are the kinds of thoughts I want her thinking and I believe every word of it.

“Did you hear the great and fantastic news about you?”

Picture it…2 friends are talking excitedly about you and your fantastic news!  You are overhearing this amazing conversation about your good news, your desire fulfilled…your prayer answered!  As you listen to how excited they are for you, you too start to feel great and joyful!

It is a way to ‘Believe Forward,’ shift how you think, feel and overcome a limiting belief which is from your past.  It has helped me overcome limiting beliefs.

Maybe you want a relationship, improved finances, a better job, better health, more buisness etc.  Begin hearing this conversation about your success and improved situation. 

“Did you hear about ____!”  Your name goes here and, in your head, you hear these words said in a very excited fashion…as if you are about to hear the best news ever! 

“_____ (your name here) just got that perfect job offer!  It was exactly like they wanted it to be.  It so fun to see ___ (your name here) so happy, relieved, excited.  The people they work with are fantastic, the pay is amazing.”  Change the wording to fit your situation but keep the tone of the conversation upbeat and exciting. 

It is important to tell yourself this improved story repeatedly and consistently. Keep doing it till you ‘feel’ the excitement and ‘feel’ better. “Just changing your beliefs and perceptions once isn’t enough. You have to reinforce that change over and over.” Dr. Joe Dispenza. ‘You are the Placebo’.

Limiting beliefs can be changed.  Areas of your life you want changed can change. Be excited about your life now…even before that great thing happens!

Peace, Michael

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