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You Are Whole, Complete and Limitless!

They usher us into the auditorium. I take my seat. The presenter takes center stage and has a remote in her hand.  “Be still,” she says.  She hits a button and we are now in complete darkness.

I can’t even see my hand in front my face.

Darkness continues, she doesn’t say anything, and I can hear people starting to shuffle in their seats as the silence continues.

“Are you this Darkness?  Or are you simply experiencing it?” She asked.

No one says anything.

She continues, “You may experience darkness, depression, anxiety but you are not it.  You experience abuse, tragedy, hurt, anger…you are not it.  You experience disease…you are not it.  You experience failures, limiting thoughts, beliefs but you are not those limits.”

An image of all of us sitting in the auditorium appears on a screen and the room fills with light again.  “You are a Divine expression and can experience many things but you are not those things,”  she says.

“You are a decision of the Universe at this exact moment in time.  You are Divine Love and Intelligence expressing itself as the one and only you.  You are whole, complete, and limitless regardless of any of your life experiences,” she says as she opens her arms wide.

Pleasant and unpleasant images quickly flash across the screen. “The conditions of your world do not decide who and what you are.  Your True-Divine-Self has experienced much but remains unharmed, whole, complete, intact,”  she tells us.

“You are the will of an Intelligence, a Source, a Divine Consciousness, a God. You are greatness that has chosen to manifest in human form…begin to remember who you really are.  Live your life knowing you are already whole and not broken. Your brokenness is only an experience…it is not you.”

The room darkens once more then brightens again.  “When you turn on a light the darkness dissipates because darkness is simply the absence of light.  You feel ‘less than or not enough’ because you forget who and what you really are.  You are the light switch and the light itself.  You are the entire potential of the Universe.”

She turns the lights on even brighter.

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