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The Day the Divine Manifested Lack

“If I’m an expression of Source, of Divine Intelligence, of God, then why the hell do I keep struggling with money? Sometimes I think this ‘Law of Attraction’ stuff is just crap!”  He exclaimed.

“Do you think that Divine Intelligence, Source, God can manifest whatever it wants?” the Elder asked. “Yes, I believe that but big whoop…so the Divine can manifest what it wants…how the hell does that help me?” He said.

The Elder continues, “So, if the Divine focused upon lack it could manifest lack or if it focused upon abundance it could manifest abundance?” 

“Yes,” the man said and took a breath. 

“What do you tend to focus upon and feel most strongly about on a regular basis…the ‘having’ of money and the ‘joy and appreciation of it’ or the ‘wanting’ of money and its absence?” The man pauses and says,

“Honestly, on a regular basis…it is on ‘wanting’ of money.” 

“Come over here.”  The Elder walks him over to a huge mirror. 

The man looks at himself.  “Meet the Divine, Intelligence, Source, Expression of God,” the Elder says and taps him on the head. “Not a metaphor…but the real deal!” 

“When the Divine ‘YOU’ consistently focuses on ‘having’ money and ‘feeling the joy’ of money you manifest money, but when the Divine ‘YOU’ consistently focuses on ‘wanting money and stays aware of its absence’ you manifest more experiences of only ‘wanting money’ and not having it. You are simply in the habit of staying overly focused on the ‘lack of money and wanting it.” 

“This is true of other subjects in your life too, but just because you don’t’ realize that you are an expression of the Divine doesn’t change how things work.” says the Elder.

“So, what do I do?”  He asked.  “Practice feeling the joy of ‘receiving and having’ what you want.  Multiple times a day, think, speak, journal, or even record yourself telling the story of what it is like ‘receiving and having what you want.’  Do it until you consistently feel joy, good, appreciative on a regular basis,” says the Elder.

“Consistently feeling better on a subject means you are starting to fully believe in it and then as the teaching states, ’done unto you as you believe’  adds the Elder. 

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