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Don’t wait for a condition in your life to change in order to feel good about your life.

I have this talent…I am able to feel discouraged even when my life is going rather well!

As I work to grow my business, as an Author/Speaker/Life Coach, I found myself this week very focused on what ‘I have not accomplished yet’ and then of course I felt discouraged.

Maybe you have this talent too? Maybe you have something you are trying to manifest in your life but start focusing on ‘how it hasn’t happened yet,’ or ‘what isn’t working in your life.’

Mark Twain said, “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”  

It’s makes me laugh, but also realize just how powerful our Focus in the wrong direction or on ‘lack’ can make life seem bad even when it’s really good.

I reminded myself that negative feelings, like ‘discouraged,’ simply means that my focus and thinking is not aligned with how my ‘True-Divine’ Self, is focused and thinks about my life and world.

“When you think about and focus on life, yourself or others in a way that is not in alignment with what your inherent God nature knows to be true, you feel the ‘offenses’ of it and experience negative emotions to various degrees.” 

Michael LeBlanc, ‘Manfiest a Better Life with God.’

3 things I do to refocus, rethink, realign with my True-Divine Self and feel good again.

  1. I increased my use of Silence and mediation throughout my day…even 5-minute moments.  This helps interrupt the negative cycle.
  2. I mentally take charge of my focus.  But, when my negative feelings are strong, mentally attempting to refocus and rethink doesn’t work well.  I have to journal and write to focus in a stronger way.  “…the physical act of writing brings the information to the forefront and triggers your brain to pay close attention.”  NeuroRelay article.  August 2013.

BUT, I do not write about why I feel negative!  That only reinforces the wrong focus, thoughts and feelings which keeps the wrong vibration active in consciousness.  Law of Attraction is not responding to what you want, but is responding to what you believe in and feel most strongly about…whether positive or negative.

I will ask myself “What does my Inherent God Nature/ True Self know to be true about my business?” Then, I will ONLY write thoughts that align with this.

I keep writing and thinking these thoughts until I shift how I feel.  Shifting how I feel is essential. “Feeling good equals allowing the connection; feeling bad equals not allowing the connection-feeling bad equals resisting the connection to your source.”
— Ester and Jerry Hicks.  ‘Ask and It is Given.’

Don’t wait for some condition in your life to change in order for you to feel good about your life. Feel better on purpose by shifting your focus and thoughts in the direction of your True-Divine Self.

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