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Michael LeBlanc

Author / Speaker / Life Coach / Licensed Social Worker / International Trainer / Energy Practitioner

I am Michael LeBlanc Author, Speaker and Life Coach and help others Manifest Better Lives on purpose. I help audiences and individuals align with their Spiritual-Self, their True-Self, their Best Version of Themselves. I teach my own technique (the ‘I AM Agreement™’) and other practices to use this alignment to directly and quickly over come limiting beliefs, embody new beliefs, deliberately feel better, stay focused on ‘what you want’ instead of ‘what you don’t want’ and deliberately manifest a better life.

I have a bachelors degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1985) and a Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas (1987).

I am a licensed clinical social worker, and certified life coach with 30 years experience.  I am also trained in the practice of Reiki (since 1993).  For the past 15 years I have also been an international business consultant and trainer facilitating leadership, culture change and safety leadership workshops worldwide (30 countries).

Currently I help adults manifest better lives by letting go of limiting beliefs and embodying new beliefs that bring about desired changes.

I provide life improving experiences through being a speaker,
facilitating workshops and life coaching.

I am also an author.

As a student of Joe Vitale’s authorship program and I wrote my first book “Manifest a Better Life with God (Use your Inherent God Nature which includes Law of Attraction). This book provides many teachings and tools to help you manifest a better life.

“Don’t think about this one, buy it! The day I received it, I picked it up and could not put it down.” —Elizabeth, Amazon 5 Star Review

“Manifest a Better Life with God,” is like Neal Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”) meets Ernest Holmes (“Science of Mind.”) The author has a wonderful way of simplifying what is needed to attract goodness into our lives. For those of us on the path of serious spiritual exploration, this book is like a breath of fresh air. It provides excellent information, advice, and guidance. It cuts through the facades erected by formalized religions and gets right down to the common sense basics. It’s the kind of book you’ll read several times, and take a new lesson from it each time. Brilliant work!”  —Theresa H, Amazon 5 Star Review

I also co-Authored “The Abundance Factor” with Joe Vitale (Amazon #1 Best Seller). Both are available on Amazon.

I am a student of Author Academy Elite with Kary Oberbrunner and am working on my new book. Its a combination of Inspired Thoughts about Life, Spirituality and Gardening.

I also have another book about ‘Praying Effectively and Getting Results’ that is in the works.

The I AM Agreement™’ technique is an updated version of a technique I experienced many years ago that had a profound effect on me. Over the years, I have enhanced it and connected it to spiritual teachings I believe in and speak about in my book. I find it has been the quickest way for me to overcome limiting beliefs, embody new beliefs, feel good deliberately and stay focused on what I want in life.

I am in the process of creating an on line course to be available soon.

I also have a YouTube channel ‘Michael LeBlanc MSW LCSW or Create with Consciousness.com’ that provides helpful tools and tips.

I just watched all of your videos and I assure you it has changed my life.”  —CJ, YouTube viewer

I am more than happy to answer questions you may have and also hear more about you! Go ahead and contact me by email and we can set up your first free consult!

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