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Silence/Prayer/Energy Work

After receiving several years, off and on, of coaching myself, I can tell you honestly that coaching is an investment that gives you returns many times over.

I believe in ‘Active Coaching’ sessions or a combination of ‘Active Coaching’ and ‘Silence/Prayer/Energy Work’. You are using coaching to shift and embody new beliefs that serve you instead of operating from ‘limiting beliefs’; therefore our sessions are ‘active’. Overly, talking about a problem or a limit will tend to reinforce the problem/limit/negative feelings and not manifest a different condition in your life nor will it shift your consciousness about yourself.

“When you attempt to manifest better conditions in your life…you will be more effective if you remember you are dealing with consciousness and not conditions.”  Michael LeBlanc MSW, LCSW ‘Manifest a Better Life with God”

While I was on vacation a client messaged me.  She describes results she is experiencing and then states, “..Whatever you do and how you do it works!  Just thought you needed to know this information.”

We will actively use specific techniques to:

  1. Align with your True Divine Self, Your Inherent God Nature, Your Best Version of You
  2. Use this alignment to quickly shift your consciousness about yourself
  3. Use this alignment to quickly embody new beliefs   


I know first hand that Silence/Prayer/Energy work can also help you achieve this so that is why I offer a combination of services. Your coaching sessions are mainly conducted by phone or Skype (in person if logistics allow) and are held in the strictest of confidence.

I offer a free initial consult to answer questions and help you think through which option of services is best for you. After your initial free consult, you choose your ‘package’ of services. Once you ‘click’ on your selection it will allow you to pay by credit card.  If alternative financial arrangements are needed we can discuss.  Cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance. I am genuinely excited about your future!

Let's Get Started!!!


20 minute session

A free introduction call.

Do you have questions about how I work, what’s the best fit or want to say hello? This is your opportunity to ask about personalized coaching before committing to a session.

30 minute sessions

Why 30 minutes instead of an hour?

What you focus upon, you activate vibrationally in consciousness. This is true whether it helps you or hinders you. I want you to come to coaching ready to FOCUS on ‘what you want’ and have fun actively aligning with knowing it is yours now. This is what needs to be activated and become ‘alive’ within you. Focusing on and spending time telling the ‘story’ of why you don’t have something only keeps active what you ‘don’t actually want.’ Only a very brief amount of focus on the ‘problem’ is necessary.


50 minute sessions

With a little something extra…

Includes 20 minutes of Silence/Prayer / Energy work

This session includes 30 minutes of active coaching/counseling focused on what you want and actively aligning with knowing it is yours and 20 minutes of using the power of ‘silence and energy work’ to help ingrain your new beliefs and clear ‘block’s that limit you.



Make That Discovery Call

Email me for your Free Consult

Let’s talk about what your needs are and what you are trying to achieve.

Choose a Package

Sessions are 30 or 50 minutes. 30 minutes can be exactly what you need or 50 minutes includes Energy work to help facilitate the process.

Make an Appointment

Email me to make your first appointment or set up your first appointment during your free consult.

Active Coaching Session

Active! Positive! Shift your Consciousness about yourself!  Confidential!

Walk the Talk

Techniques to use at home to help embody your new beliefs and maintain momentum between sessions.

You deserve to manifest a better life today.

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