Elevate Your Energy!
(Balance and Bless Your Energy Centers)

This practice is to help you align, balance and re-energize
your overall Energy-Body and Physical-Body.

“I don’t have any energy to do anything once I get home from work and I feel too anxious to leave my house once I get home. I haven’t cleaned my kitchen in months. I have dirty pots and pans in the kitchen sink that have mold growing on them because they have been there so long. Other rooms in my house are a mess also, but its hard to have the energy to care.” Here are a couple of pictures she shared.

After consistently practicing the specific guided meditation we will practice in the ‘Elevate Your Energy’ (Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers) workshop, her energy improved and she began to have energy to take charge of her life! These are a few pictures of her clean kitchen and another room she is cleaning.  She continues to improve in other areas of her life such as: she decided to become alcohol free and stop drinking, she started walking, and now is beginning to clean up her finances.

How would having more energy and balance benefit your life?

Hi, I’m Michael and you absolutely deserve to feel more peaceful, calm and increase your energy when you want to!

The person above continues to improve in all areas of her life as she continues to practice this meditation!

In this 90-minute workshop we will combine:  inviting your Higher Self, Ho Oponopono (an Ancient Hawaiian Healing technique) and Reiki (an Ancient Japanese Healing Technique) along with a specific Breath technique to Bless each of our Energy Centers (often called Chakras).

This practice is to help you align, balance and re-energize your overall Energy-Body and Physical-Body.

It is also designed to help you let go of old resentments and limiting beliefs.

You will learn a guided meditation allowing you to know how to go within, breath, bless and balance your own energy centers any time you want or need to.

“Immediately felt an increase of inner peace and calm.”

“Noticed reductions of anxiety, depression, isolation and began having energy to deal with my day-to-day life.”

“Feel immediately renewed and recharged after long hectic days.”

“I’ve noticed I feel less pain in my body and am sleeping better.”

There will be a brief overview of the Energy Centers, a short history of Ho Oponopono (an Ancient Hawaiian Healing technique), and Reiki (an Ancient Japanese Healing technique), a review of how deep breathing tells our nervous system ‘All is Well’ and how to apply these as a way to bless each Energy Center.

The majority of our time in the workshop will be experiencing the meditation itself.

When you leave you will have had a personal experience of its benefits and know how to continue to practice it in your daily life.

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