Dang it! I yell at my garden hose.

I have a kink in the hose and now have this ‘trickle’ of water instead of a nice steady flow. “Yelling at me won’t help,” my hose says to me. I bought one of those fancy ones recently.  “There is a constant Divine Flow of good, abundance, well-being and love always flowing to you,” It continues.  “There 99

There is Strength in Silence

Life a bit hectic?  Got a lot going on?  Stressed?  Aggravated?  Fearful?  Worrying?  Disappointed?  All of the above? Just for a moment let that struggle be, let that argument be, let that worry be, let that illness be, let that loneliness be, let that guilt be, let that grudge be, let that unfulfilled desire be. 99

Look for the Good in Your World Today!

Ever feel like the world is getting worse? Headlines and the news making you nervous? It can feel that way at times but rememberthe daily news and headlines are meant to engage us, grab us emotionally, make us keep watching, get ratings and be dramatic. This is deliberate and on purpose. It is the business of 99

Stuck in a Negative Rut?

“Love instead…want good things for those you struggle with.” Ever get in a rut with having negative thoughts and feelings about a situation or about someone? You don’t plan on it, but the next thing you notice is that for the past few minutes (or hours!) you were arguing about something or with someone in 99
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