My Life Journey

“Send me blue roses,” I said to God.

When I was in my early 20’s I thought I wanted to be a priest and I remember praying for 3 signs and one of those signs was blue roses.
I was certain those did not exist!

Then I went to a ‘come and see’ program with the Oblates and in their home on the fireplace mantel was a vase of …yep you guessed it…blue roses. Ha! You have got to love a universe, a God with a sense of humor! For different reasons (that is for another story) I decided to not become a priest but I knew I wanted to work with people, help them have better lives and heal. This decision to not become a priest led me to make a decision to get my Masters in Social Work. This was in 1987.

A significant move to another state and a break up around that same time, surfaced a lot of old unhealed hurts which I had not dealt with. I had issues with loneliness, old hurts and chronic worry from drama during my parents divorce. They at times physical fought and during that time each morning was a bit of an unknown. Seeing your mom bruised is hard even if it didn’t happen often. Alcoholism was also part of the family drama. My break up opened up a lot of these wounds.  This led me to seek counseling for the first time. I went into counseling for 2 reasons. One, I wanted the pain to go away and two if I was going to school to be a therapist it only made sense that I truly understood what it was like to be in therapy. My journey to heal and my spiritual journey have always been a part of the same journey.

I’ve personally have experienced numerous types of therapies, alternative therapies, energy work, breath work, life coaching, silent retreats, sweat lodges, Native American retreats and numerous personal growth workshops. I’ve also gone through many versions of ‘God’ over the years. I’ve just always believed life should feel better, been willing to seek help about it, been willing to ‘fire’ versions of God that didn’t work and expand my consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of God, Universe, Source etc. and my life is better as a result.

Once I received my Masters in Social Work, I was a Therapist for about 15 years and had a successful practice that I loved.  But I also still had some old hurts and limiting beliefs that surfaced during a bad experience with a difficult client.  Limiting beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, you don’t know what your doing etc.”  I struggle and eventually closed my practice and decided I needed a serious break.  So I detoured for 15 years into the world of Corporate Consulting and Training. I have had the great experience of traveling to about 30 countries facilitating workshops with thousands of people around this amazing world. The people, their cultures and the food have always been my favorite aspects of my travels.

But that '15 year break' is over! I'm clear I have value, and lots of offer and am returning to my passions of Spirituality and Uplifting others.

Today as an Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Licensed Social Worker, International Trainer.
I bring all these varied experiences (both professional and personal) and years of my own personal and spiritual growth to you. My job is to see the best version of you…this you with your desires and dreams fulfilled…and know it as truth even if you have doubts. My job is to not accept the ‘limiting beliefs’ you may have accepted either consciously or unconsciously and help you know that you are designed for success. You are not your limiting beliefs. Your inherent nature is not limited and therefore neither are you.

There are specific ways to manifest a better life, use your inherent nature and be less and less limited along your journey.

The old saying is wrong, you can, ‘have your cake and eat it too’ and this universe supports this when you understand its laws, how this all relates to you and how to fully benefit from who and what you truly are.

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