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Return to Wholeness
(Balance and Bless Your Energy Centers)

The ‘Return to Wholeness’ course (outlined below) also includes a dynamic and transformative Energy Meditation. The Energy Meditation incorporates 5 techniques into one guided process to help you balance and bless your energy centers, heal blocks, let go of limiting beliefs, forgive self and others, and embody new improved ‘States of Consciousness’ needed to Manifest Your Best Life!

“I don’t have any energy to do anything once I get home from work and I feel too anxious to leave my house once I get home. I haven’t cleaned my kitchen in months. I have dirty pots and pans in the kitchen sink that have mold growing on them because they have been there so long. Other rooms in my house are a mess also, but its hard to have the energy to care.” -Anne

Here are a couple of pictures she shared.

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Return To Wholeness

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After consistently practicing the specific guided meditation you learn about in the ‘Return to Wholeness’ (Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers) On Line Course, her energy improved and she began to have energy to take charge of her life!

These are a few pictures of her clean kitchen and another room she is cleaning.  She continues to improve in other areas of her life. She decided to become alcohol free and stop drinking, she started walking, eating better, sold her car to pay off old neglected debt and is doing more to improve her finances and using the process to manifest her dream job.

In Barbara Brennan's new book, ‘Core Light Healing,’ she says, “Blocks don’t’ just go away because they can’t. They do not have the fuel to change until we add more energy consciousness to them.”

Anne used the 'Return to Wholeness' Energy Meditation to add Energy-Divine Consciousness to her energy centers helping her heal, forgive, embody improved 'States of Consciousness' and have improved energy to begin manifesting her best life!

The Energy Meditation incorporates 5 different techniques into one dynamic and transformative energy process and meditation designed to add Divine Consciousness-Energy into your Energy Body, System and Centers.

The 5 techniques or processes the course guides you through are:

  • A specific invite and sensing of Higher Consciousness, God Consciousness
  • A ‘Soft’ focus of your attention
  • A specific Breath technique,
  • Rieki (a Japanese healing technique)
  • Ho’ Oponopono (a Hawaiian healing technique)

This ‘Return to Wholeness’ on line course is also designed to help you better understand your ‘Energy Body’ which incorporates our 8 Energy Centers, energy blocks, and the health and brain benefits to having a meditation practice. We also practice each of the 5 techniques, such as a Breath technique, Rieki, and Ho’ Oponopono.

There are also 3 Bonuses listed below.

Course Outline

Opening: A Life Transformed

Module 1: Your True Divine and Energetic Nature (Your Energy Body which includes the 8 Energy Centers)

Module 2: 8 Energy Centers: Their Location and Functions

Module 3: Blocked Energy and You + Health and Brain Benefits

Module 4: 5 Specific Healing Techniques into one guided process (includes practice of the Breath technique, Rieki and Ho’ Oponopono)

Module 5: Intro and Expectations and The Guided Meditation Process


Bonus: A Standing Meditation to tune into your Hara Line.

Bonus: “An Experiment With Love” A Heart Centered Meditation

Bonus: Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers and Manifesting specific Desires.

Immediate Benefit Available!

Upon purchase you can immediately download the guided Energy Meditation and being to add Divine Consciousness-Energy to your energy centers while you learn more about your Divine Energy Body, 8 Energy Centers, Blocks and Health and Brain benefits.

“After just one experience of this guided meditation, I experienced a calming, peaceful affect that enabled me to eliminate damaging memories from my thoughts.   It allowed me forgive those who participated in the hurtful actions.” —Sylvia        

A few more experiences that others have shared:

“It works! I actually felt the energy when we were concentrating on my heart, which was unbelievable. I wasn’t sure it would actually work but it does. My stress level is way down compared to where it was.” —Shelia
“Immediately felt an increase of inner peace and calm.” —MB
“Noticed reductions of anxiety, depression, isolation and began having energy to deal with my day-to-day life.” —RJ
“I’ve noticed I feel less pain in my body and am sleeping better.” —AT
“Before the meditation I was about a 5 out of 10 but after I was a 9 out of 10.”  —Mary
“During this mediation I experienced visions…I saw my higher self come into me (myself) to help with the mediation and guide me. I envisioned forgiving myself for past experiences and allowing myself and my body to heal from these life altering things.”  —Cheryl     
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