Coaching designed to help you align with Your True Divine Self and shift your Consciousness (your Focus, Beliefs, Thoughts, and Emotions) in order to align and attract improved condtions in your order to Manifest Your Best Life!

I offer 3 different approaches (and packages) and a Free Consult to help you choose which approach resonates with you.

Free Consult

I offer a free initial consult to answer questions and help you think through which option of services is best for you. After your initial free consult, you choose your ‘package’ of services. Once you ‘click’ on your selection it will allow you to pay by credit card.  If alternative financial arrangements are needed we can discuss. Cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance. You absolutely can ‘Manifest Your Best Life!’ and I am genuinely excited about your future!

Option 1:

Active Coaching

(30 minutes)

First we get clear about what you want to improve or change.

Once you are clear, we utilize a technique I developed over the years that I call the ‘I AM AGREEMENT’ or the ‘TRUE SELF AGREEMENT.’  Utilizing this process we only focus on ‘what is wanted’ and ‘what aligns’ with your Inherent True Divine Self” or what I call in my book, your ‘Inherent God Nature.’ Any focus on what is ‘unwanted’ or focus on ‘limits’ is ‘off limits’.

What you focus upon, you activate vibrationally in consciousness (whether positive or negative). Overly, talking about a problem or a limit will tend to reinforce the problem/limit/negative feelings/vibration and not manifest a different condition in your life nor will it shift your consciousness about yourself.

The focus in these sessions is specific and designed to help you ’embody’ new and improved ways of ‘thinking and feeling’ in the most direct way possible.

One of the goals is to embody the thinking, feeling and Consciousness of you with your desire fulfilled in this NOW moment. And your improved emotions are indicators that your focus and thinking is in alignment with your ‘True Divine Self’ or your ‘Inherent God Nature.

Your improved focus, thinking and emotions raise your vibration and help you ‘attract’ what you desire so you can ‘Manifest Your Best Life!’  Your improved emotions and thinking also help you feel inspired about ‘next steps’ to take in your life.

These session can be purchased in packages of 3, 5 or 8 to begin with. Single sessions options upon request.

Option 2:

Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers

(30-40 minutes)

This is a specific guided meditation in which we invite your Highest Self and I incorporate a Breath Technique, Reiki (Ancient Japanese Healing Technique) and Ho Oponopono (Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique) to bless and balance 8 of our bodies Energy Centers (sometimes called Chakras).

Old hurts, unforgiveness, limits and  current stressors can cause our energy centers to get ‘blocked’ or out of balance. Sometimes these limits and old hurts are passed down from generation to generation.

This specific Guided Meditation is designed to help you learn how to breath into these centers to help energize them and bless them to allow healing and balance to naturally occur. Part of the process is also designed to help forgive even old hurts that have been passed on from previous generations.

These session can be purchased in packages of 3, 5 or 8. Single sessions upon request.

“It works! I actually felt the energy when we were concentrating on my heart center, which was unbelievable. I wasn’t sure it would actually work, but it does. My stress level is way down compared to where it was. I can’t wait to download the audio when it’s available. I will be using that a lot!” —SL

"Busy week last week! Close to a record day on Friday.” Client improving his business only 2 weeks after we started.

Option 3:

Active Coaching and Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers

(60 minute sessions)

These sessions combine both Energy Work and Active Coaching. 

The Energy Work immediately allows you to begin balancing and blessing each Energy Center.  We focus on 8 specific centers during the session.   

I use a specific guided meditation I’ve developed which invites your Highest Self, incorporates a breath technique, Rieki (a Japanese Healing technique) and Ho Oponopono (a Hawaiian Healing technique). 

This process helps let go of old hurts, beliefs, restores balance and allows your natural state of Well-Being to return. 

Also, by going into Higher states of Consciousness during these Energy Work sessions you allow your brain waves to shift accordingly.  Shift your Consciousness and your brain waves will shift too. 

You shift out of your Analytical Mind (Beta) and go into other states such as Alpha, Theta, Delta. This allows healing, well-being and more easily lets you embody new states of Consciousness needed to shift and manifest improved outer conditions.

So, in general, you would experience the Energy Work first and then while in higher states of consciousness, begin embodying new improves states of Consciousness, beliefs, thinking and elevated emotions (Active Coaching).  This part of the processes is specific to align with what improvements you are wanting to manifest in your life.

There are other Active Coaching processes we engage in and teachings along the way. 

The goal is for you to know how to continue to bless and balance your energy centers  to maintain improved States of Being and Manifest Deliberately even after your sessions are complete. 

Using both Energy Work and Active Coaching is a quicker method than the old approach of dealing with your analytical mind and thought process. 

As I discuss in my book, Shift Consciousness consistently and conditions will shift. 

Also, with consistent practice of the Energy Work and going into Higher states of Consciousness, research shows your Amygdala in the brain ‘chills out’ which allows you to experince fewer quick reactions to feel fear, anger, and other stronger negative emotions while you increase your awareness and compassion for self and others. 


“When you attempt to manifest better conditions in your life... you will be more effective if you remember you are dealing with consciousness and not conditions.”

—Michael LeBlanc MSW, LCSW 'Manifest a Better Life with God”


“After just one experience of this guided meditation, I experienced a calming, peaceful affect that enabled me to eliminate damaging memories from my thoughts.   It allowed me forgive those who participated in the hurtful actions.”  —SV

“This house won’t sell!”  2 weeks later the house sold.  Client improving sales.

“I’ve noticed I feel less pain in my body and I’m sleeping better.” —AT

“What you do and how you do it works!  Just thought you needed to know this information.”  —CG

“Immediately felt an increase of inner peace and calm.” —MB

“Noticed reductions of anxiety, depression, isolation and began having energy to deal with my day-to-day life.”  —CG

“Feel immediately renewed and recharged after long hectic days.”  —AJ

“During this mediation I experienced visions…I saw my higher self come into me (myself) to help with the mediation and guide me.  I envisioned forgiving myself for past experiences and allowing myself and my body to heal from these life altering things.

Let's Get Started!!!


Free Consult

A free introductory call.

In this 20-30 minute call we discuss what your needs are and what type of session and package works best for you.  Also, I can answer questions about how I work.   This is your opportunity to ask about personalized coaching before committing to a session.

30 minute sessions

Active Coaching or Blessing Your Energy Centers (Options 1 or 2)

The 30 minute ‘Active Coaching’ or ‘Blessing Your Energy Centers’ session are roughly 30-40 minutes.

The number of sessions tends to relate to how chronic the problem is or when changing chronic old limiting beliefs.  For issues that have been around a while typically more sessions are needed to truly shift your Consciousness in a consistent manner.


Single sessions upon request

60 minute sessions

Active Coaching and/or Blessing Your Energy Centers (Options 1 and 2)

Combines Active Coaching techniques and Blessing Your Energy Centers

The number of sessions tends to relate to how chronic the problem is or if addressing chronic old limiting beliefs.  For issues that have been around a while typically more sessions are needed to truly shift your Consciousness in a consistent manner.

Also, I combine a level of ‘teaching’ in these sessions.

If aspects of Metaphysics, Law of Attraction, Higher Conscioiusness, Quantum Science are new to you, then the 10-session package is recommended.

For some folks who are well versed in these areas, but are still struggling and need help to figure out the nuances and get you moving forward again then the smaller packages might be enough for you.

Remember, we can have a FREE Consult to help you figure out which package is best for you.


Single sessions upon request


Make That Discovery Call

Your Free Consult

Email me to get started. Let’s talk about what your needs are and what you are trying to achieve.

Choose a Package

Sessions are 30 or 50 minutes. 30 minutes can be exactly what you need or 50 minutes includes Energy work to help facilitate the process.

Make an Appointment

Email me to make your first appointment or set up your first appointment during your free consult.

Active Coaching Session

Active! Positive! Shift your Consciousness about yourself!  Confidential!

Walk the Talk

Techniques to use at home to help embody your new beliefs and maintain momentum between sessions.

You deserve to manifest a better life today.

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