Consciousness Coaching

Consciousness Coaching = Divine Self Laser Coaching and/or Return to Wholeness Energy Work to bless and balance your energy centers

Both help you align with Your Divine Self.

Experience your Divine Self and learn how to use the Divine Powerful Being you are to manifest your best life.

“Michael is amazing... He helps hold my vision with me, even after our sessions! He helps me discover where I have missed the mark and helps me find the missing pieces. He has a gift and an ability to help me refocus on what I know to be true and to remember that truth. He has helped me grow my business by 30% in a very short period of time”. —Lynne

“After just one experience with Michael and his guided process, I experienced a calming, peaceful affect that enabled me to eliminate damaging memories from my thoughts. It allowed me forgive those who participated in the hurtful actions”. —Slyvia

Get Started with a Free Session

Interested in a free introductory session?

This is your ‘try on your shoes before you buy them’ session.

In this 60 minutes session we will work together to:

  • Gain clarity about what you want to change, improve and/or manifest in your life.
  • Begin to envision how your life will be different having what you want.  How will you feel with this change, improvement, manifestation DONE, RECIEVED AND BEING LIVED!
  • Identify a couple of current obstacles or limiting beliefs in your way.
  • Determine which Coaching Package is for you.
    • 15-20 minute frequent Divine Self Laser Coaching sessions.  OR
    • 60-90 minute sessions which include my Energy Meditation ‘Return to Wholeness’ to bless and balance your Energy Centers.
  • And of course I will answer questions and if moving forward with me is what your ‘gut’ tell you is best, then we can discuss which package works best.


Ready for more.......

Consciousness Coaching

Coaching to help you align with your Divine Consciousness and embody New and Improved 'States of Consciousness' to Manifest Your Best Life!

Divine Self Laser Coaching

Using various techniques within 15-20 minutes to keep you aligned with your Divine Self.  

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Return to Wholeness

An Energy Meditation to Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers

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Why these approaches?

Embodying ‘States of Consciousness,’ ‘States of Being’ that align with your dreams during the session and after!

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“When you attempt to manifest better conditions in your life... you will be more effective if you remember you are dealing with consciousness and not conditions.”

—Michael LeBlanc MSW, LCSW 'Manifest a Better Life with God”

You deserve to manifest a better life today.

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