Manifest Your Best Life Coaching

Manifest Your Best Life Coaching

There is an approach perfect for you...

Divine Self Laser Coaching

Stay Aligned With Your Divine Self

  • Life is moving.  You don’t have an hour + but you want to stay Aligned with your Divine Self.  You want to stay focused on ‘what you want’ instead of ‘what you do not want’.  These sessions are perfect.
  • Clients using this process love the specific focus and how much they feel better and are able to shift their focus in such a short period of time.
  • During these 15-20 minute session our Focus is clear.  Align and Only Align with Your Divine Self.  Nothing else is allowed.  The expectation is to keep doing these various practices between your sessions and not rely only on the sessions.
  • We will use various techniques to achieve alignment.  You will learn to sense which approach is best you for you at the time of our sessions.
  • Example.  We will sometimes use my ‘I Am Agreement’.  During these session we make an agreement that during the session you can ONLY focus, think and reach for thoughts that align with your Divine Self.  You can only reach for thoughts that align with how your Divine Self thinks about you, your life, and/or your specific situation.
  • Example.  We will sometimes do guided meditations together to help you return to your Divine Center, such as Centering Prayer.  This is especially helpful if life has thrown you ‘off center.’
  • Example.  You can also use this time to discuss spiritual teachings that you are learning or practicing in order to help you strenghthen your practice.
  • Example.  Knowing your prayer is Answered.  We can use this time to ONLY focus on the ‘Doneness’ of your prayer answered or your desire fulfilled.

What people are saying...

“Feel immediately renewed and recharged after long hectic days.” —AJ

“It works! I actually felt the energy when we were concentrating on my heart center, which was unbelievable. I wasn’t sure it would actually work, but it does. My stress level is way down compared to where it was. I can’t wait to download the audio when it’s available. I will be using that a lot!” —SL

“During this mediation I experienced visions…I saw my higher self come into me (myself) to help with the mediation and guide me. I envisioned forgiving myself for past experiences and allowing myself and my body to heal from these life altering things.

Return to Wholeness

An Energy Meditation to Balance and Bless Your Energy Centers. 

Sometimes we have been out of alignment with our Divine Self and Divine Energy for awhile and feel stuck.

Barbara Brennan is a healer I study and, in her book, ‘Core Light Healing’ she says, “Blocks don’t just go away because they can’t. They do not have the fuel to change until we add more energy consicousness to them.”

Some of my clients have used this process to transform various aspects of their lives, such as depression, anxiety, work life, finances, sobriety and following their dreams.

These session which incorporate the Return to Wholeness Energy Meditation are ‘how’ to add more energy consciousness to heal and dissolve limits and blocks and ‘how’ to align with and experience your Divine Self, Divine Consciousness (or what is sometimes called The Quantum Field).

The Return to Wholeness Energy Meditation incorporates 5 process each design to add more energy consciousness to your 8 energy centers (chakras). It includes process such as a Japanese healing technique called Rieki, a specific Breath Technique, and a Hawaiian Healing technique called “Ho Oponopono’.

Shifting your consciousness to embody new beliefs and experience the ‘feeling states’ of ‘you with your desire fulfilled’ occurs quicker when done without the analytical and daily ‘thinking’ mind/brain.

This process help you sense and align with your Divine Self, Divine Consciousness and ‘leave’ your analytical mind.  Also, as you go within and shift consciousness and access Higher states of Consciousness during these Energy Work sessions you allow your brain waves to shift accordingly.  Shift your Consciousness and your brain waves will shift too.

You shift out of your Analytical Mind (Beta) and go into other states such as Alpha, Theta, Delta. This helps allow healing, well-being and more easily lets you embody new states of Consciousness needed to shift and manifest improved outer conditions.

Manifest Your Best Life

Manifest Your Best Life combines both approaches

Life is easier when you Leverage Your Divine Nature and Both approaches help you do this.  Both approaches help you:

  1. Release old limits which is energy and allow your natural divine energy to consistently sense and practice the elevated feelings of you ‘with your desired fulfilled’.
  2. Outlining specific steps and practices for you to do after our Manifest Your Best Life Coaching sessions.  In a sense, creating your ‘Manifest Your Best Life Action Plan’.

We are dealing with Divine Consciousness and Intelligence.

While in the deeper and higher states of consciousness you want to practice embodying the feelings associated with your new ‘State of Consciousness’ …of you with your desire fulfilled and joyously lived.

Both approaches help you do this.  And as I mentioned, doing this work while in these deeper states of consicousness is ideal and a quicker way to get these states embodied to manifest your improvement.

So, during these Manifest Your Best Life Coaching sessions we use both processes.  We we will spend time sensing and mostly reaching for the feeling state of this new ‘State of Consciousness’…of you joyously living and enjoying your improvement in this eternal now moment.  We will also work on releasing old emotional and energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and forgiving the past.

There is truth to the spiritual teaching

“Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” 

But the work is embodying the ‘belief’…the ‘State of Consciousness’…equivalent to you having your desire whole and complete (not wanting it, not without it…not lacking).

As I discuss in my book, Manifest a Better Life with God, shift Consciousness consistently and conditions will shift.


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