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Believe It and Feel it Done

Believe and Feel your success now! To have what you want you have to spend time thinking and feeling it ‘done!’ complete and being enjoyed by you in present time.

Bless a Situation to Change It

Hatred . . . that is what I felt toward my boss. I practiced blessing him for 2 weeks solid, and it changed everything!

Do This One Thing When Overwhelmed and Discouraged!

Do you ever get overwhelmed and discouraged about achieving your dream or goal?  There is 1 specific thing you can do that is completely within your control!  It definitely helps me when I get overwhelmed and discouraged about achieving my dreams.

I also have a YouTube channel ‘Michael LeBlanc MSW LCSW or Create with’ that provides helpful tools and tips.

I just watched your videos and I assure you it has changed my life.”  —CJ, YouTube viewer

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