What I Do

“I knew you were the right coach for me when I met you. I feel safe and that I’m in trustworthy hands for this journey.”

“Busy week last week!  Close to a record day of business last Friday!”  Client improving his business only 2 weeks after we began. 

I help adults manifest better lives by letting go of limiting beliefs and embodying new beliefs that bring about desired changes. I help you truly shift your 'Consciousness' consistently so you align and attract new and improved conditions in life.

We want conditions in our lives to improve and we put a lot of effort into changing them, but we don’t really change our very own ‘Consciousness’ (which is God Consciousness expressing as you!) so conditions in our lives stay the same.

Sound familiar?

To truly shift unwanted conditions in your life…you must shift your Consciousness (your focus, thinking, beliefs, feelings) about that subject whether the subject is relationships, money, business, career, health, etc. It doesn’t matter.

Truly shift your Consciousness, Feel better consistently, elevate your energy and vibration…which means you embody a new version of you (you with your desire fulfilled) and conditions will shift.

I approach this in 2 specific ways:

  1. Active Coaching. I teach my own technique (the ‘I AM Agreement™’) and other practices to use your alignment with your own Divine Highest-Self to directly and quickly over come limiting beliefs, embody new beliefs, deliberately feel better, stay focused on ‘what you want’ instead of ‘what you don’t want’ and deliberately manifest a better life.
  2. Energy Work: Bless and Balance Your Energy Centers. I incorporate Silence, Connecting to Your Highest Self, a Breath Technique, Reiki (an Ancient Japanese healing technique) and Ho Oponopono (an Ancient Hawaiian Healing technique) to bless and balance 8 of your Energy Centers. This helps quicken the overall process of  embodying an improved ‘State of Consciousness…of Being’ and letting go of limiting beliefs and embodying new beliefs.

The Energy Work immediately allows you to begin balancing and blessing each Energy Center.  We focus on 8 specific centers during the session.

I use a specific guided meditation I’ve developed which invites your Highest Self, incorporates a breath technique, Rieki (a Japanese Healing technique) and Ho Oponopono (a Hawaiian Healing technique).

This process helps let go of old hurts, beliefs, restores balance and allows your natural state of Well-Being to return.

Also, by going into Higher states of Consciousness during these Energy Work sessions you allow your brain waves to shift accordingly.  Shift your Consciousness and your brain waves will shift too.

You shift out of your Analytical Mind (Beta) and go into other states such as Alpha, Theta, Delta. This allows healing, well-being and more easily lets you embody new states of Consciousness needed to shift and manifest improved outer conditions.

So, in general, you would experience the Energy Work first and then while in higher states of consciousness, begin embodying new improves states of Consciousness, beliefs, thinking and elevated emotions (Active Coaching).  This part of the processes is specific to align with what improvements you are wanting to manifest in your life.

There are other Active Coaching processes we engage in and teachings along the way.

The goal is for you to know how to continue to bless and balance your energy centers  to maintain improved States of Being and Manifest Deliberately even after your sessions are complete.

Using both Energy Work and Active Coaching is a quicker method than the old approach of dealing with your analytical mind and thought process.

As I discuss in my book, Shift Consciousness consistently and conditions will shift.

Also, with consistent practice of the Energy Work and going into Higher states of Consciousness, research shows your Amygdala in the brain ‘chills out’ which allows you to experince fewer quick reactions to feel fear, anger, and other stronger negative emotions while you increase your awareness and compassion for self and others.

I also have created workshops based off of the teachings in ‘Manifest a Better Life with God.’  Refer to the ‘Workshop’ tab above for more information.  Also, each of these is soon to be an On Line Course.

Centering Prayer Workshop:  This 90 minute workshop teaches a 14th Century Meditative Prayer Practice.  Students learn and expereince Centering Prayer.  We also discuss its history and review various health benefits of having a meditative practice.  

Elevate Your Energy Workshop:  This 90 minute workshop is to bless and balance 8 of our Energy Centers.  It incorporates your Higher Self, Breath work, Reiki (Japanese Healing technique) and Ho Oponopono (Hawaiian healing technique).

Manifest Your Best Life Workshop:  This 3 hour workshop identifies 5 specific steps to help you deliberately Manifest specific conditons in yoru life and Manfiest Your Best Life.  It teaches how to align with your Highest Self and understand how everything is an expression and extension of God Consciousness itself.  This includes Law of Attraction and the Quantum Field.  The session is loaded with experiences and ‘how to’s’ so that when you leave you have a clear idea of steps to take to deliberately manifest your best life.  


You can manifest a better life and
your best version of you does exist right now!

We struggle because we often have old hurts, patterns, limiting beliefs, limited versions of ourselves in our consciousness that get in our way.  And, we don’t tend to FOCUS deliberately and consistently on what we want but instead let our outer world determine what we focus upon.

I can guide you to take charge of your beliefs, emotions and shift your consciousness to manifest better conditions in your own life.

You can do this!

“I knew you were the right coach for me when I met you.
I feel safe and that I’m in trustworthy hands for this journey.”

Besides Coaching, I also speak and facilitate workshops based off of the teachings in my book ``Manifest a Better Life with God.``

Based off of the teachings in my books, I use my techniques and other practices to help people deliberately manifest better lives.

As an Author, Speaker and Life Coach, I bring my professional and personal development to you. Spirituality, personal growth, healing and how to use our ‘Spiritual-Self’ to manifest better conditions in our lives is a passion of mine that I incorporate into my work.

Michael’s workshop are:

“Rich with resources tools and stories to connect with the true God within.”

“I entered a space of God Consciousness never experienced before.”

“The workshop gave specific ways/things to ‘do’ and not just information.”

Why am I qualified?

I have 30+ years of experience as a licensed Social Worker and over 15 years of experience as an International Consultant, Facilitator and Presenter and have facilitated workshops in approximately 30 countries. I am also a Certified Life Coach and a Reiki practitioner.

Another very important thing, I’ve worked on me.
In my personal life, I have used traditional types of therapies, alternative therapies, healing methods, energy and body work and have applied spiritual laws to improve myself and my world.  It has been a great adventure both inside and out.

I’ve helped myself, others and can help guide you to manifest a better life for yourself.

15+ years ago I had a successful small business as a therapist, landscaper, Reiki practitioner and teacher of counseling but I had old unconscious beliefs about ‘not being good enough, smart enough, talented enough and not having enough value’ and as a result my business eventually failed.  I had work to do…inner work. Through spiritual practices and healing techniques that I studied and applied, I let go of those limiting beliefs and embodied new beliefs.  I was wrong back then.  I have value, am smart enough, and talented.  I know first hand that you can embody new beliefs, and manifest a better life! There are specific steps to take and it does work! I’ve improved my relationships, finances, business, wrote a book, traveled and worked in 30 countries and have grown spiritually.  I’m ready to share what I have learned and help you manifest a better life.  Are you ready?

I am more than happy to answer questions you may have and also hear more about you! Go ahead and contact me by email and we can set up your first free consult!

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