Manifest Your Best Life! Workshop 5 Steps to Deliberately Manifest!

I entered a space of God Consciousness never experienced before.


Manifest Your Best Life! Workshop

5 Steps to Deliberately Manifest!

A Spiritual-Metaphysical Workshop to Achieve Results in Your Life.
Based off of Michael LeBlanc’s Amazon #1 International Best-Selling book, Manifest a Better Life with God.’

Today, I want to invite you to decide that you can have your Best Life.

Imagine and feel the relief,  joy and appreciation of manifesting that specific improvement you have been wanting and getting masterful at Manifesting Your Best Life…whatever that means to you.


In this Spiritual and Metaphysical Workshop, you will Experience, Learn and Practice

5 Steps to Deliberately Manfiest what you want in your life!

``This workshop gave specific ways/things to 'do' and not just information.`` Joan D.

With the techniques you will experience, learn and practice, you can deliberately align with your True-Divine Self, stay focused on ‘what you want’ instead of ‘what you do not want,’ feel better on purpose and learn to embody the state of consciousness and belief ‘of you with your desire fulfilled, complete and done.’ All of this is needed to Manifest Your Best Life!

“I entered a space of God Consciousness never experienced before.” Sandra E.

You will better understand the nuances related to ‘Law of Attraction,’ the Vibrational Nature of Consciousness, how your Focus and Awareness activates the vibrational nature of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs (postive or negative) and the science, research and case studies that support these techniques.

“Rich with resources tools and stories to connect with the true God within.” Laurie W.

In the video I share a story about a growth on my head that would not heal for years no matter what techniques I tried! It was disappointing and frustrating. But, I kept studying, applying what I learned, went deeper and hit on a nuance I had missed....within 3 weeks the growth was gone!

In the workshop, I share what I was doing right, wrong and the nuances and practices I applied to get myself in the right place to over come obstacles. We will learn, experience and practice my 5 Steps to Deliberately Manifest Your Best Life! I will also share my daily practices that allow me to continue to Manifest My Best Life.

So Get Ready to Get Unstuck and Get Results!

Part 1:  Experience yourself as an Expression of God, Source…God Consciousness and Understand the Vibrational Nature of Consciousness

  • Work with God, Source, Intelligence, Consciousness, The Quantum Field and Your True-Divine Self to deliberately manifest improvements in your world. 
  • Understand and experience yourself as an extension of Source, of God Consciousness and one with the Quantum Field.  
  • Experience, learn and practice specific Meditative Prayer practices (Silent, Guided and Walking) to help you aligned with God Consciousness and your True-Divine Self.  Understand the science and health benefits of these practices and how these practices help you go into deeper states of awareness thus shifting your brain waves which help you more fully embody the ‘experience’ of you with your desires fulfilled.  
  • Learn how your feelings/emotions are always letting you know if you are aligned or not aligned with your True Divine Self and what to do about it if you are not aligned. 
  • Understand the Vibrational Nature of Consciousness and the vibrational nature of your Thoughts (negative or positive), Emotions (negative or positive) and Beliefs (limiting or uplifting) and how all this interacts with Law of Attraction. 
  • Learn and Practice my ‘I AM Agreement’ or ‘True Self Agreement’ Technique to quickly and directly align the thoughts and feelings of your True-Divine Self and with the state of consciousness in which you are experiencing your desires fulfilled and complete.  Also volunteers can experience one-on-one coaching with me using this technique during the workshop.  
  • Experience and learn how to use an Ancient Hawaiian Healing technique called  ‘Ho’Oponopono’ to bless each of your own Energy Centers.  This helps restore balance and increase your overall energy and vibration deliberately.  

Part 2:  Manifesting Deliberately

  • Understand the Power of Blessing Situations to change them.  Learn the science behind it and hear actual stories of how this worked.
  • 5 Specific Steps to Deliberately Manifest.  Incorporate all the techniques learned and practiced into 5 steps.
  • Experience, learn and practice Specific Journaling techniques, and Specific Visualizing (using all 5 senses) techniques…all with the intention to help you stay Focused on ‘what you want instead of what you don’t want’, feel better consistently, truly shift your own consciousness and beliefs so that  you embody ‘you with your desires fulfilled’ on an emotional level consistently so that you are working with the Universe and law of attraction instead of it feeling like life is against you.
  • Learn about specific scientific case studies and research that supports these practices and these results.   

Yes, it is an amazing and magnificent 4 hours experience filled with all of the above…all designed to give you exactly what you need to align with your True-Divine Self, shift your own consciousness to embody the energy, thoughts and emotions of you with your desires fulfilled which ultimately then shifts the conditions in your world.

All of it is to help you Manifest Your Best Life!  NOW!  I genuinely believe you deserve and can have that life and want to help you achieve it! AT some point you will decide you do deserve these improvements you want…so start NOW and sign up for the December 8th workshop today! 

I’m looking forward to watching you ‘Manifest Your Best Life!’


Online Workshop Series

  • I am in the process of creating an online course, Create with Consciousness, to align with my book “Manifest a Better Life with God”.
  • Also in the works, a new book about how to use Silence/Prayer/Energy Work to help others manifest a better life. This will also have an online course companion.
  • And to offer professionals more, I am in the process of having these online courses approved for Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers, so stay tuned!

for my latest Workshop

December 8, 2018

Manifest Your Best Life!

A Spiritual-Metaphysical Workshop to Achieve Results in Your Life

9am to 1pm

224 St. Landry Street, Suite 3H
Lafayette, LA 70506

$125 per person

Prefer to pay $100? Bring a Friend!
You and your friend $100 each.

Need additional financial help?  Contact me and let’s work something out.

I’d rather you come if you feel this is right for you…so don’t’ let finances stop you!

This workshop gave me specific ways/things to “do” and not just information.
—Joan D

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