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Look for the Good in Your World Today!

Ever feel like the world is getting worse? Headlines and the news making you nervous?

It can feel that way at times but remember…the daily news and headlines are meant to engage us, grab us emotionally, make us keep watching, get ratings and be dramatic. This is deliberate and on purpose. It is the business of news, headlines and ratings.  Great…let it be.

A small grain of sand is not an entire beach. One leaf is not an entire tree. One blade of grass is not the entire lawn.

The daily news is not an accurate representation of the conditions of this entire world.

Every single day without exception (and I mean literally without exception), there is tremendous good, well-being, good deeds, miracles, good news, triumph, success over failure, recovery, healings, and things working out for people.

Yes, bad things happen, but just because negativity gets more ‘air time and ‘attention’ than the good in the world does, doesn’t’ mean there is more negative than good.

We live in a great and blessed world…not a horrible world.

Some Good News…since we are intelligent beings with an ability to focus, we get to decide which type of ‘news’ we will look for, focus upon, talk about, and share with others.

Create your own Headline today.  Look around in your life for ‘good news’ today. You won’t have to look far…count the small and big things.  Then go right ahead and share this good news with others.

Three things I practice.  I deliberately watch minimal news, I will mediate and pray before I look at my phone or watch any TV in the morning and I will absolutely not watch the news before I go to bed.  I will watch ‘Who’s Line is It Any Way’ because it always makes me laugh and that is how I prefer to go to bed…laughing.

Remember, one grain of sand is not the entire beach and news headlines do not represent the truth of this world. Focus wisely.

Peace, Michael

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