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There is Strength in Silence

Life a bit hectic?  Got a lot going on?  Stressed?  Aggravated?  Fearful?  Worrying?  Disappointed?  All of the above?

Just for a moment let that struggle be, let that argument be, let that worry be, let that illness be, let that loneliness be, let that guilt be, let that grudge be, let that unfulfilled desire be.

Just for a moment don’t try to fix anything, change anything, or need anything to be different…including you!

Just for a moment be.  Breathe.  Be Still.

Beneath all our daily life is a real tangible Silence, a Presence, a Source, a Love, an Intelligence, a God, an ‘All is Wellness’.

I’ve been practicing a 14th Century meditative prayer practice called ‘Centering Prayer’ for 28 years as a way to enter into Silence and be still. Here are the steps:

  • Choose a sacred word as a ‘symbol’ of your intention to just be with whatever you believe in…Silence, Source, Intelligence, The Divine, God, your Highest Self.  Choose a 1-2 syllable word.  I use ‘Hi’.  I think of it as God and I hanging out on a park bench…like with an old friend…you don’t need to speak you just enjoy each others presence.
  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and silently introduce the sacred word.
  • When your mind drifts off and starts to engaged in thoughts (or feelings), return ever-so-slightly to the sacred word.  It is normal to drift off and begin thinking about other things. Just practice using your sacred word as a way to return to your intention and with practice your ability to focus within, and be still increases.
  • At the end of the prayer period, remain in silence with eyes closed for a couple of minutes.
  • The recommended time period is 20 minutes twice a day.  You can do shorter or longer periods…what ever works best for you.  I’ve done as short as 2-5 minutes and up to 10 day Centering Prayer/Silent Retreats.
  • Use a timer so you don’t have to wonder how long it has been.  I use an app called Insight Timer.
  • For extra benefit I will combine Centering Prayer and ‘Leg up the Wall’ yoga pose.  Leg Up the Wall pose “…is an antidote to exhaustion, illness and weakened immunity, relieves headaches, mild depression, anxiety and insomnia. This pose is a deeply restorative pose for the heart, mind and lymphatic system.” according to Azriel ReShel in an article called Five Yoga Poses to Help With Anxiety.  My acupuncturist recommends this pose to me for my lower back too. So sometimes, I will use this yoga pose while I do Centering Prayer at the same time.

Let this Silence refresh you, recharge you, love you, heal you, live you… There is Strength in Silence. Go there often!

Peace, Michael

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