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Focus more on how your life is working out!

I’m sitting in a class called ‘Create with Consciousness.’

It sounded intriguing.  The professor comes in and walks towards the window.  The sun is shining in and she puts a few small pieces of paper on a tray, holds a magnifying glass over them and starts a small fire.  “Huh…class might be interesting,” I think to myself.  

“You literally are Divine Consciousness expressing in physical form, and your Focus upon things does more than you realize,” she says.  “Our Focus is like this magnifying glass and activates ‘vibrationally’ that thing we are focus upon.”

She walks over to the white board and writes, ‘Life Always Works Out For Me.’

“Considering that your focus gives things ‘life,’ what do you think would happen if you used your Divine Focus, your internal ‘magnifying glass’ and focused on this thought consistently?”  she asked.  “You would activate it within Divine Consciousness, come to believe it and by law of attraction more examples of how life works out for you would happen.” 

“But, as expressions of Divine Consciousness, you can also focus upon,” and she writes, ‘Life Never Works Out For Me.’  “Again, it gets activated by our continued focus upon it and by law of attraction more examples of ‘how life does not work out for me’ happens,” she said.  “We take it personally, but it really isn’t…

we just don’t realize the power of deliberate focus.” 

She grabs the magnifying glass and holds it in front of each statement for a moment. “Which statement do you tend to focus upon and therefore activate within Divine Consciousness?” she asked. 

“If you want life to work out, then you have to do a bit of inner work and move yourself to a place of believing it will…then the magic can happen, inspired thoughts and actions can happen, Divine flow can happen. Don’t let past bad experiences in your life decide for you.  Start by making a list of all the things that are working out for you and just keep going!”  She says excitedly.

She holds the magnifying glass in front of her face and looks directly at us. “You are Divine Consciousness, an expression of God itself and you have way more worth, value, influence and power in your life than you currently realize!”  She continues to look at us for a moment and then leaves.

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