I am also an author.

As a student of Joe Vitale’s authorship program and I wrote my first book “Manifest a Better Life with God (Use your Inherent God Nature which includes Law of Attraction)”.  It is an International Amazon Best Seller.  It is not religious but a spiritual conversation between God and I about God as Consciousness.

It received a #2 spot in Metaphysics and although it is not religious in nature it did receive a #1 spot in Religious Studies/Ethics and #2 in Religious Leadership.  It also was #3 in Canada.

This book provides many teachings and tools to help you manifest a better life.  Buy it Now and Change Your Life!

“Don’t think about this one, buy it! The day I received it, I picked it up and could not put it down.” —Elizabeth, Amazon 5 Star Review

“Manifest a Better Life with God,” is like Neal Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”) meets Ernest Holmes (“Science of Mind.”) The author has a wonderful way of simplifying what is needed to attract goodness into our lives. For those of us on the path of serious spiritual exploration, this book is like a breath of fresh air. It provides excellent information, advice, and guidance. It cuts through the facades erected by formalized religions and gets right down to the common sense basics. It’s the kind of book you’ll read several times, and take a new lesson from it each time. Brilliant work!”  —Theresa H, Amazon 5 Star Review

I also co-Authored “The Abundance Factor” with Joe Vitale (Amazon #1 Best Seller).  My chapter is titled, “The Consciousness, The One Mind.”  I invited a few folks to let me go into Silence and join them in prayer to help shift ‘Consciousness’ to shift specific condtions in there lives.  But I did not want to meet with them.  I only wanted to go into Silence for them about their intentions.  I share my process and their results in this chapter.

My original chapter was about 7,000 words but it had to be edited to 1000 words.  So I do plan on creating another book to share the full information. It will be about ‘Praying Effectively and Getting Results.’ 

I am currently a student of Author Academy Elite with Kary Oberbrunner and am working on my new book. Its a combination of Inspired Thoughts about Life, Spirituality and Gardening.  Some of the Inspirational Articles can be viewed under my ‘Inspiration’ tab above.

I also have a YouTube channel ‘Michael LeBlanc MSW LCSW or Create with’ that provides helpful tools and tips.

I just watched all of your videos and I assure you it has changed my life.”  —CJ, YouTube viewer

“Manifest a Better Life with God” is currently a workshop titled, ‘Manifest Your Best Life!’ and will soon be an On Line Course.


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