Centering Prayer

How much better would your 2019 be if you could feel less stress, more centered, improved health and at the same time build a stronger connection to God, The Divine and Your True Self…even with all the chaos that can sometimes go on in our daily lives?

“In teaching the practice of Centering Prayer,
we emphasize prayer as relationship.”
—Father Thomas Keating, Manifesting God.

Learn, Practice and Experience this 14th Century Contemplative Meditative Prayer Practice.

Centering Prayer is about meditating, centering and being with the Divine, God and Your True Self. It helps deepen our relationship with the Divine and Highest Self.

It is not a verbal prayer, but a practice of Silence and Being. It is a simple technique, easy to learn and use.

As a result of practicing Centering Prayer, you learn to remove your focus from the ‘False Self,’ outer conditions, past conditions or future worries and return it to NOW and your True Highest Self.

For you to truly experience Centering Prayer in this 90 minute workshop, we will mostly focus on the steps and actually practice Centering Prayer.

We will also discuss a bit of its history and the health and brain benefits that can be gained from this type of a daily spiritual practice. You will easily know how to use it in your daily life after this workshop.

This workshop will also include a question and answer period and a list of resources to learn more about Centering Prayer.

“What a wonderful experience. The feeling of centering and community was a great start to a daily practice.” —MP

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Centering Prayer Workshop

Workshop Fee

$35 per person

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“Truly a peaceful and much needed session today. It brings you in touch with yourself.  It helps you to understand that YOUR WELL BEING AND PEACE of MIND ARE TRULY NEEDED FOR HAPPINESS IN LIFE. (A SPIRIT-AND-SOUL WELL BEING). I LOVED IT. NEEDED IT. SO GLAD I WENT and am looking forward to next time.”  —CD

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