Don’t wait for a condition in your life to change in order to feel good about your life.

I have this talentI am able to feel discouraged even when my life is going rather well! As I work to grow my business, as an Author/Speaker/Life Coach, I found myself this week very focused on what ‘I have not accomplished yet’ and then of course I felt discouraged. Maybe you have this talent too? 99

Well that was a rough day!

I think to myself as I get back to my hotel room. We had a very rough day-long business meeting.  There were lots of strong personalities with opinionsand yes, I was one of those with opinions! And, we have another full day tomorrow. “I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me and thank you.” I recall 99

The Day the Divine Manifested Lack

“If I’m an expression of Source, of Divine Intelligence, of God, then why the hell do I keep struggling with money? Sometimes I think this ‘Law of Attraction’ stuff is just crap!”  He exclaimed. “Do you think that Divine Intelligence, Source, God can manifest whatever it wants?” the Elder asked. “Yes, I believe that but big 99

Focus more on how your life is working out!

I’m sitting in a class called ‘Create with Consciousness.’ It sounded intriguing.  The professor comes in and walks towards the window.  The sun is shining in and she puts a few small pieces of paper on a tray, holds a magnifying glass over them and starts a small fire.  “Huhclass might be interesting,” I think 99

You Are Whole, Complete and Limitless!

They usher us into the auditorium. I take my seat. The presenter takes center stage and has a remote in her hand.  “Be still,” she says.  She hits a button and we are now in complete darkness. I can’t even see my hand in front my face. Darkness continues, she doesn’t say anything, and I can 99

Did you hear the great and fantastic news about you?

Your procedure went great!  Your recovery time was amazing!  Your arm is 100% and all is well!”  I felt inspired to send those thoughts to my niece as she was on her way to have a procedure done. Those are the kinds of thoughts I want her thinking and I believe every word of it. 99
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