Manifest Your Best Life!

5 Steps to Co-Create with The Divine to Deliberately Manifest Conditions in Your Life!

A Spiritual-Metaphysical Workshop to Achieve the Results You Want

Based off of Michael LeBlanc’s Amazon #1 International
Best-Selling book, “Manifest a Better Life with God.”

``Everyone has told me a huge list of reasons why this house won't sell and it hasn't sold for almost 6 months!`` says a Sales Rep for a home developer. 2 weeks later after using these 5 steps...the house sold!

Today, I want to invite you to decide that you can have your Best Life.  There are specific ways to deliberately participate with God, The Divine, Consciousness, Intelligence, The Universe, Source (whatever you call it) to manifest specific conditions in our lives!

Imagine and feel the relief,  joy and appreciation of manifesting that specific improvement you have been wanting and knowing how to do it again for future desires you will have.

In this workshop I combine spiritual and metaphysical teachings along with science, research and case studies.

You will Experience, Learn and Practice  5 Steps to Co-Create with The Divine to Deliberately Manfiest what you want in your life!

For years I attempted to heal this ugly growth on my scalp (photo on right), but nothing I tried work.  It was frustrating and disappointing.

Maybe you have been wanting a specific improvement in your life too, but nothing you try seems to work and your frustrated and disappointed.

Friends kept telling me to go to a doctor, but I just knew God, The Divine and I could heal it.  So, I kept studying spiritual and metaphysical teachings. Then it happened! I hit upon a nuance I had been missing. After a few weeks of going deeper within and applying this nuance, the growth got smaller, dried up and flaked off…healed! This photo shows the before and after.

In this workshop we will review what I did wrong, the nuance  and 5 steps I applied that finally allowed it to heal.

No my life is not perfect, but I have had enough results and successes in all areas of my life to inspire me to share what I’ve learned with you!  There is noting to lose by trying these steps.

Here is what a few others have said after we applied these 5 Steps:

“Busy week last week! Close to a record day on Friday,“ says a client regarding his business improving.

“My partner and his ex-wife have been in a nasty custody battle for the past 4 years.“ Two weeks after we apply these steps she says, ”I feel more peaceful, I'm able to be present, the kids are opening up more and one of the attorneys indicated he thinks they have been dragging this on too long...He's never taken this position before,“ she reports.

”Everyone has told me a huge list of reasons why this house won't sell and it hasn't sold for almost 6 months!“ says a Sales Rep for a home developer. 2 weeks later after using these 5 steps...the house sold!

I have numerous other personal experiences, such as wanting a job that had international travel and getting it, needing 10K for us to buy a house we wanted and my boss calling to tell me I was getting a 10K bonus, wanting our home we sold to sell for ‘cash’ and it did, even being let go from a corporate job at the end of 2017, but still earning more money the following year and many other examples.

Again my life is not perfect…I still have areas I struggle in, but I have had too many experiences to not want to share this with you and see if these techniques will help you too!

  • With the techniques  (that you will experience, learn and practice) you will learn that you can deliberately participate with God, The Divine to manifest specific conditions in your life.
  • You can align with your True-Divine Self, stay focused on ‘what you want’ instead of ‘what you do not want,’ feel better on purpose and learn to embody the state of consciousness and belief ‘of you with your desire fulfilled, complete and done.’ All of this is needed to Manifest Your Best Life!
  • You will better understand the nuances related to ‘Law of Attraction,’ the Vibrational Nature of Consciousness, The Quantum Field and how your Focus and Divine Awareness (your own ‘I AM’) activates the vibrational nature of Divine Consciousness (your thoughts, emotions and beliefs whether postive or negative).
  • We will review the science, research and case studies that support these techniques.

“I entered a space of God Consciousness never experienced before.” Sandra E.

$150 worth of BONUSES!

  • Free signed copies of both my books!  “Manifest a Better Life with God” and the one with Joe Vitale “The Abundance Factor”.
  • Free customized journal I had created for the workshop
  • Free 30 minute Coaching call following the workshop to answer questions that come up as you apply these teachings to your life.  To be used within 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

$300 worth of BONUSES for Early Birds Only!

  • All of the original bonuses plus an additional 1 hour free Coaching session with me which will include, ‘Active Coaching’ with regards to the condition you are trying to manfiest and ‘Energy’ work to help quicken this process.  To be used 30 days after the workshop.

Online Workshop Series

  • I am in the process of creating an online course, Create with Consciousness, to align with my book “Manifest a Better Life with God”.
  • Also in the works, a new book about how to use Silence/Prayer/Energy Work to help others manifest a better life. This will also have an online course companion.
  • And to offer professionals more, I am in the process of having these online courses approved for Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers, so stay tuned!

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Manifest Your Best Life!

5 Steps to Deliberatly Manifest Conditions in Your Life.

A Spiritual-Metaphysical Workshop to Achieve Results in Your Life.

9am to 12 pm

224 St. Landry Street, Suite 3H (Building 3)
Lafayette, LA 70506

$125, $175 or $225 per person

Workshop Only

$125 per person

Workshop plus 1
follow up coaching session

$175 per person

Workshop plus 2
follow up coaching sessions

$225 per person

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This workshop gave me specific ways/things to “do” and not just information.
—Joan D

“Rich with resources tools and stories to connect with the true God within.” 
—Laurie W.

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