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Do you ever get tired and frustrated when some things in life don’t work out but other things do?

I do. So I’ve asked God, “Okay, so how do you do it? How do you manifest conditions and consistently get the results you want?”

I figure if I have questions about my car, I go to the best mechanic I can find; I ask an expert. If I have questions about manifesting better conditions in my life and praying effectively, I ask the source that creates universes. . . . . . .


Manifest a Better Life with God is a spiritual conversation and journey about God as Consciousness and our relationship to it and our inherent ability to use our Inherent God Nature (which includes Law of Attraction).

Manifest A Better Life With God

Use Your Inherent God Nature, Which Includes Law of Attraction
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What's in the book?

Chapter One: God, Why Isn’t It Working?
Part 1: Your Inherent God Nature
Chapter Two: You Are an Expression of God
Chapter Three: The Vibrational Nature of Consciousness
Chapter Four: What Your Emotions and Feelings Really Mean
Part 2: Create and Manifest with God
Chapter Five: Manifesting By Blessing Life
Chapter Six: Manifesting with God on Purpose
Chapter Seven: Three Reasons Why We Don’t Manifest what We Want

What People Are Saying About The Book

“This book is life changing! It gave me a new perspective on areas of my life that needed changing and the ability to do so. I have been a family medicine doctor for over 25 years and this book has given me a unique way to view my own life and the lives of my patients. Thank you Michael LeBlanc for opening my eyes to a whole exciting way of living.”

— ELLEN MULLEN, MD  (Amazon Review)

“When you are ready, this book will positively change your life.”

— LINDA (Amazon Review)

“Provocative and concrete.”

— TP CORTEZ (Amazon Review)

“Manifest a Better Life with God,” is like Neal Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”) meets Ernest Holmes (“Science of Mind.”) The author has a wonderful way of simplifying what is needed to attract goodness into our lives. For those of us on the path of serious spiritual exploration, this book is like a breath of fresh air. It provides excellent information, advice, and guidance. It cuts through the facades erected by formalized religions and gets right down to the common sense basics. It’s the kind of book you’ll read several times, and take a new lesson from it each time. Brilliant work!

— Theresa H.  (Amazon Review)

“Don’t think about this one, buy it! The day I received it, I picked it up and could not put it down. After experiencing a few professional challenges, spilling over into our personal lives, this book was right on time for my husband and I. The author’s walk with God changes your perspective on prayer and brings a whole new meaning to ‘walking by faith’. I have been blessed by this book and can’t wait to bless others with it as well.”

— Elizabeth B.  (Amazon Review)

“I’m in tears, at a loss for words and just on page 36, but I truly feel that God is speaking to me…directly to me, through your book.”

— ANGELA  Amazon Review

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